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Trio Diamond and Gold Jewellery Inc is known as largest Corporate 

Jewellery Designer and Manufacturer in Canada

Corporate Jewellery Canada is the largest Canadian Corporate Jewellery Designer and Manufacturer

Corporate Jewellery Canada takes pride in its highest quality standard of craftsmanship.  Our designs can be fully customized guaranteeing a jewellery item that is unique, within budget and well-suited for many types of business sectors.   

Our jewellery design process allows our customers to feel fully in-control by working with our designer who is able to collaborate with you in the creation process.  Together you will be able to create an original piece fit to taste and branding.

Our clients range from Union's to Large Multi-Chain Retailers however every company has the same intention and that is to give appreciation to their employees.  Adding personalization such as the Company logo or employee number creates uniqueness and individuality to each jewellery piece. 

Corporate Jewellery Canada is also a dealer for Bulova Watches and Trollbeads. We have been supplying our corporate clients with beautiful watches, bracelets and pendants.

Corporate Jewellery Canada has many corporate clients all over Canada. We work with large companies across Canada such as A&W, Canada Business Solutions, Real Estate Companies, Insurance Companies, Fire Departments, Funeral Houses, Horse Racing Tracks, many Unions and other Companies.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality unique Jewellery pieces which are well deserved!